Multiple Rake Screen – PWL publishes a new brochure on the PWL ProCat “Multiple Rake Screen”

7 Nov 2013

pdfPWL ProCat + IWV

Multiple Rake Screens such as the PWL ProCat have been in use as coarse and fine screens for many years in the field of municipal and industrial waste water treatment and have proved to be a very reliable and robust technology.
In recent years PWL Anlagentechnik has continuously presented successful new developments also in this sector. The angled PWL ProCat L Multiple Rake Screen, also known as the “High-Flow” screen, was introduced in 2007and there have been numerous installations since then, predominantly in municipal waste water treatment plants. Due to the gentle inclination angle of the screen grating and the resulting hydraulic features, course screens can, in many cases, be replaced as fine screens with the PWL ProCat L, without having to change the geometry of the channel.

The classic design of the Multiple Rake Screen is represented by the PWL ProCat I. The ProCat I can achieve similar hydraulic features and can be installed at inclination angles of 50° to 90°.
PWL Anlagentechnik offers the various types of ProCat Multiple Rake Screen with gap widths from 1mm upwards and supplies machines for installation in channels and as tank units.

Over a period of more than 20 years, the PWL team has completed hundreds of screen installations and has gained a great deal of experience in diverse sectors.
The PWL Anlagentechnik ProCat models are now being presented comprehensively in a new brochure.