PWL Drum Screens and Rake Screens enable efficient water recycling at Zoological Gardens

9 Sep 2013

pwl-tanflow-drum-screen-tfsToday, effective water conditioning and water recycling must be state-of-the-art in zoological gardens for ecological and economical reasons und in particular in the interests of animal health. Mechanical water treatment with drum screens and drum filters is essential for the conditioning plants in terms of the total plant‘s efficiency. In this context the screening technology must be selected taking into account the habits of the respective animal species, seasonal characteristics and degree of pollution, for example due to changes of coat of the polar bears.
In recent years PWL Anlagentechnik has been able to gain substantial experience in various zoos and can provide a number of rake screens and drum screens according to individual requirements. PWL Spiral Conveyors and Spiral Presses for materials handling as well as dewatering/compacting of residual matter are reliable and compact add-ons for many different applications