PWL Helixpress HXP for the drainage of rumen contents

3 Apr 2017 The PWL Helixpress is used for the dewatering and compaction of various materials such as screen material from sewage treatment, production waste, etc. The solids mixture enters the feed trough via an immersion funnel in which it is received by a spiral. The length of the conveyor as well as the optimum set-up angle results […]


PWL Helixpress HXP HD with dynamic press zone in plastic recycling

13 Jan 2017 Based on the experience with the PWL spiral presses and PWL screw presses of the PWL Anlagentechnik used for decades, the PWL high-pressure press HXP HD was developed several years ago. In the meantime, the PWL Helixpress has been installed e.g. in a plastic recycling during the past year. Rejects, which are separated from the […]