High efficiency and operational stability of the PWL ProCat rake screen prompted the operating company to order a further rake screen of the PWL ProCat I type

12 Aug 2013

Ref Bramsche ProCat IWV­

IMG_3559In December 2012, PWL Anlagentechnik installed two new rake screens, of the type PWL ProCat I with a 3 mm gap width, together with a new screenings washing system, at the wastewater treatment plant in Bramsche. The high efficiency and operational stability of the PWL ProCat rake screen and the trouble-free completion of the reconstruction measures prompted the operating company, the ”Abwasserbetriebe der Stadt Bramsche“ (Bramsche Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant), to order a further rake screen of the type PWL ProCat in August 2013.

This additional screen will be constructed as a course bar screen with 20 mm gap width and will be installed upstream of the inlet lifting system. A PWL screenings washer system of the type IWV will also be installed with this application in order to wash, dewater and compact the separated screenings.

The ProCat Rake Screen combines the advantages of continuous belt screens with functional mechanics and an inclined screening surface to reach a maximum flow cross section. The revolving conveyor chains are arranged together with the reverse, tension and drive units within the self-supporting stainless steel frame. The scraper blades are mounted to the revolving conveyor chain. If necessary, the number of blades can be changed. Thus, high rates of scraping can be realized and peak loads handled. Guiding rails avoid drifting of scraper blades.

The inclined screen surface with one active screening area only (the medium has to pass just one “barrier”) can be replaced easily as it is a separate module. It consists of flow-enhanced triangular profiles. Therefore, this screen offers optimal hydraulic features at moderate flow velocities. The screening area is cleared continuously by the revolving scraper blades and the screenings are conveyed to the discharge area. There, it is completely discharged by a scraper mechanism which is driven by the revolving conveyor chain.

For maintenance purposes the screen can be swivelled out. The PWL ProCat Rake Screen works without use of spray water. Therefore, a water connection is not necessary. Due to its design this revolving screen is robust towards grit and rubble. The complete encapsulation guarantees for hygienic surroundings.