The Drum Screen PWL CenterFlow CFS works reliably and under high efficiency for wastewater sieving of the red line at a hugh slaughterhouse.

17 Oct 2013 The rugged drum screen is the core of the CFS. Here, the particles are retained and carefully dewatered for further discharge. The tangentially approached sieve surface serves to efficient fine sieving even of high hydraulic loads. Due to the drum configuration the main task can either be a fast solids discharge or a slower passage through the drum if […]

PWL Drum Screens and Rake Screens enable efficient water recycling at Zoological Gardens

9 Sep 2013 Today, effective water conditioning and water recycling must be state-of-the-art in zoological gardens for ecological and economical reasons und in particular in the interests of animal health. Mechanical water treatment with drum screens and drum filters is essential for the conditioning plants in terms of the total plant‘s efficiency. In this context the screening technology […]