Compact Unit


Brief Description

The PWL compact unit MODULAR is a multifunction unit combining waste water sieving with the discharge of grit and grease
in one compact system. Due to its modular design the PWL compact unit can be equipped appropriate to individual waste water
conditions. Among all kinds of screens the MODULAR can be used with drum screens within the inlet area. The different kinds
of solids are separately carried out of the unit for further treatment or discharged into a container.


Via pumps or gravity flow the waste water reaches the headbox of the MODULAR. The screen integrated into the headbox discharges
the separable solids from there either to the downstream PWL Interval-Wash-Compactor or into a container. The waste water
charged with organic and sand runs off directly from the headbox into the aerated grit chamber. The free fats and lightweight
substances reach due to the prevailing roller stream the integrated grease trap. The arising floating layer is automatically
removed and conveyed to a separate collecting device. By a horizontal spiral the sand is transported to a PWL grit washer
or to a vertical discharge conveyor.

Your Benefit

  • completely encapsulated design in stainless steel
  • short installation time
  • complete headworks in compact design
  • operation with low maintenance
  • retrofitting of single components such as
    sand and
    screening washers possible
  • adaptable to changing waste water conditions