Screenings Washers



An extensive reduction of the screenings volume by returning organic ingredients into the clarification process offers besides
important cost saving with regard to screenings disposal advantages for the process stability of nitrification/ denitrification
necessary in nearly all clarification plants. The company ABZ in Austria implemented decades of experience in the field of
screenings treatment on the screenings washers. Many references attest the leading position of this technology by which the
screenings weight can be reduced on average by 75 %. Special attention has been turned to the development of least possible
wear and utmost operational safety. The Interval-Wash-Compactor can be operated with service water from the sand trap area.
Peak loads of screenings due to storm water events are handled without problem, as well.


The screenings are discharged directly or via a conveyor from the screen into the infeed hopper of the washer. After a pre-compaction
the screenings are conveyed by a spiral into the washing chamber. Here, they are washed in the water flow by a patented procedure
without any mechanical device. After the washing process the screenings arrive at the compaction zone where they are compacted
and discharged. The detachable organics are returned into the channel together with the wash water. As an option, the discharge
pipe with integrated adjustable compaction zone can be equipped with a hygienic encapsulation.

Technical Features

  • throughput capacity: 0.5 up to 6 m³/h
  • materials: stainless steel AISI 304 / AISI 316 Ti/ L

Screw and Spiral Presses
PWL Screw and Spiral