Rake Screen


Brief Description

The PWL ProCat chain driven rake screen UR can be equipped and used as a wedgewire or perforated plate screen. This rake
screen combines the advantages of the rugged and durable continuous belt screen with the hydraulic capacity of a screen with
one active screening area only – such as step screens or spiral sieves. The PWL ProCat Rake Screen UR having an inclined
screen offers a maximum flow cross section. The vertical screenings removal from the channel is very space-saving and highly
efficient although it works without use of service water. For constructional reasons it is impossible that the screenings
are carried off downstream.


The waste water flows through the wedgewire screen made of flow-enhanced stainless steel triangular profiles. The screenings
are retained, directly picked up at the channel bottom by rugged scraper blades and transported to the discharge area where
they are scraped off resp. discharged. Wedgewire: 1 to 60 mm Perforation: 3 to 8 mm Channel width: up to 2,700 mm Installation
angle: 36° – 90°

Your Benefit

  • high hydraulic efficiency
  • small footprint
  • no service water required
  • sieve surface/wedgewire screen can be replaced separately
  • material: stainless steel AISI 304, AISI 316 Ti/L)
  • completely encapsulated design
  • easy maintenance
  • perfect in combination with our
    Screenings Washer IWV

Leaflet ProCat
Chain Driven Rake Screen