Static Screens

PWL static screens provide high operational reliability in the static liquid solid separation for municipal and industrial applications particularly for the separation of fibrous and non-greasy solids. The PWL static screen is very economical and easy to use. The operation of the static screen does without an electric drive or other moving parts. In industrial sewage treatment plants the PWL static screen is known for waste water treatment. Industrial users such as paper mills, food processors, tanneries, laundries, malt houses, breweries, zoos, recycling plants and many other branches rely on the PWL static screen for product recovery and waste water treatment.

The curved screen surfaces are basically removable and can be pivoted depending on the width of the static screen. A specially shaped edge at the screen guides the drainage water of the statically dewatered screenings into the discharge trough of the static sieve. Optionally, the PWL static screen can be supplied with a backside spraying device for regular cleaning of the screen surface if the application requires this. As a further option the PWL offers foldable or detachable covers for the curved screen surface. The PWL static screens are available with wedge wire surfaces between 0.2 mm and 2.5 mm slot opening.