PWL Helixpress HXP for the drainage of rumen contents

3 Apr 2017

The PWL Helixpress is used for the dewatering and compaction of various materials such as screen material from sewage treatment, production waste, etc.

The solids mixture enters the feed trough via an immersion funnel in which it is received by a spiral. The length of the conveyor as well as the optimum set-up angle results from the installation conditions. Thereafter, the screen material collects at the end of the conveyor section, where it is compacted via a counterpressure device. The water which is pressed out of the filter basket is discharged through the screen basket and the drainage pipe. Depending on the origin and size of the solids, TS contents of up to 35% are achieved.

In many applications, the PWL Helixpress is used in addition to the PWL drum screens or the PWL ProCat multiple rake screen to drain and compact the screen residue.

The dewatering of rumen contents is shown on a small scale, as seen in the video, or for large mass flows. The different types of the PWL helix press enable a very wide range of applications. The helix presses or spiral presses are convincing by their simple and maintenance-friendly design. The presses are designed and for continuous industrial use.