Screw and Spiral Presses – PWL publishes a new brochure of Screw and Spiral Presses

9 May 2018

In industrial water or wastewater treatment but also in production processes, screw and spiral presses of various types for the processing of good and residual materials have been reliable aggregates for dewatering and compaction for decades.
Equipped with a washing stage, screw presses are currently used as screenings scrubbers in municipal wastewater treatment plants.

PWL Anlagentechnik has been offering a wide range of different press systems for many years.

The robust screw and spiral presses from PWL Anlagentechnik impress with their low energy consumption and intelligent solutions to simplify the inspection and maintenance of the machines.
The PWL screenings washer are also supplied, for example, with an externally accessible wash chamber, adjustable sieve trays and adjustable pressing device.
Depending on the medium, dry substance contents of up to 85% TS can be achieved with the PWL screw and spiral presses.

The PWL team has realized hundreds of press installations in more than 25 years and has a lot of experience in different industries.
The press portfolio of PWL Anlagentechnik is now also clearly presented in a separate brochure.

pdfScrew and Spiral Presses
PWL Screw and Spiral