The Drum Screen PWL CenterFlow CFS is convincing at many applications in process and wastewater sieving

22 Oct 2013

The CenterFlow Drum Screen CFS is made of stainless steel designed for liquid-solid-separation in the field of process and waste water of industries or WWTPs.
Within the headbox the flowing-in medium is homogenized and the flow velocity reduced. The headbox design guarantees for the tangential approaching flow of the inner drum surface necessary for an optimal separation process.
The solids which are larger that the drum‘s screen openings are retained. the discharge flites which are helically mounted to the inner drum provide for a solids transport to the discharge at the end of the drum. Even hugh amounts of solids can be separated by the drum screen CFS.
The cleaned process waters run through the drum screen downwards and are returned to the water cycle resp. into the channel.