Drum Screens in Liquid/Solid Separation Processes – PWL publishes a new brochure on “Drum Screens and Drum Filters”

30 Aug 2013

pdfPWL Drum Screens – Drum Filter

Drum screens, in various designs, have been in use in industrial and municipal waste water treatment plants for decades and have proved to be reliable and robust machines.
PWL Anlagentechnik has been supplying a wide range of diverse drum screen systems for many years now.
Internally fed drum screens, such as the PWL CenterFlow CFS, can be adapted to individual requirements by equipping the drums with wedgewire, perforated plates or stainless steel wire mesh. The CFS drum screen operates efficiently in many applications with high solid loads and, like all PWL drum screens, is designed for reliable 24 hour operation.
The externally fed drum screen PWL TanFlow TFS, which is also suitable for oily and greasy media, is supplied exclusively with wedgewire drums and has a particularly impressive compact design with optimal hydraulic efficiency.

With its internally fed drum filter PWL MDF, PWL supplies a drum screen which is also able to operate as a screen filtration system. The micro rotating filter MDF is used in many water recycling or process water circulation systems. The recovery of screened stock is frequently one of the main considerations for the utilisation of the MDF.

Over a period of more than 20 years, the PWL team has completed hundreds of drum screen installations and has gained a great deal of experience in diverse sectors.
The PWL Anlagentechnik Drum Screen Portfolio is now being presented comprehensively in a separate brochure.